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Microsoft vs Google

Posted by itresolve on January 2, 2013

2013 has a very interesting battle already well in progress. I speak about Microsoft entering the Tab market and rolling out Windows 8. Those who choose to upgrade will be faced with the usual problems associated with such a move. Will software work on the new OS, migrating documents, photos, music all of which brings technical hurdles to jump. Google are advocating cloud computing, android, chrome OS, google +, social networking and sharing. These things have never seemed so appealing to me and as I run several businesses the need to migrate them to a platform where I can access my information from anywhere, remove the need to back up or spend money on technology. These issues are at the forefront of my thoughts. 


Already in progress is taking advantage of what Google offers and I'm finding it absolutly perfect. My documents, invoices, photos, songs and indeed my online life is already in the cloud. I can access it all from any terminal. Gone are the days where I am reliant on Microsoft or pinned to my office chair to work on things. As a result I feel liberated. I can only encourage you to take a look at google, their compelling products promise much and deliver what you need in swathes. 

Enter Facebook into the foray, the need for social networking and communication never having such importance. 2013 is shaping up to be a pivitol year for tech and I think Google have it all going on. Either on my Nexus 7, my Samsung Chromebook, my Windows PC at work or at home or even on my phone I can pretty much keep eveything ticking over and up to date and if one of these devices fails I'm not at risk of loosing any important files or intellectual property. This is a strong position to start the new year and the road or journey to the cloud is one which I am enjoying. Happy new year!



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