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IE 9 vs Google Chrome

Posted by itresolve on June 8, 2011

Here at itresolve we use Google Chrome as our choice browser but things may be on the change. Building websites demands us to have the most popular browsers installed and running so Firefox should be included in this comparison as it is also a very good browser. It seems now that speed is king with security being also of paramount importance. We moved away from Internet Explorer due to security issues and speed several years ago, Chrome used to be considerably faster than anything Microsoft could produce, light on its feet and secure it is a remarkably good browser. Recently Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9.


As I write this I am still using Google Chrome, our content managed websites use Concrete 5 and IE9 has proved to be much faster when updating these websites. Chrome also seems to be hungry for RAM and runs several instances which can be seen using the Task Manager, IE9 is similar but does not appear to require quite so much RAM therefore the PC will be have more available resource for doing the tasks in the Browser.  It seems then that IE9 is light on its feet, Microsoft boast about its inherent security, so after several years of advocating Chrome, it looks like we can no longer dismiss IE. So give it a try, you may find that its all the browser you ever wanted!



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