Posted by itresolve on November 24, 2014

itresolve have recently began to advocate Wordpress. We now favour this platform above Concrete 5. Speed is always crucial to the success of a website. Wordpress is a very popular platform and has undergone many improvements over it's years of existence.  


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Google vs Apple

Posted by itresolve on March 14, 2013

It seems I'm not the only who thinks that Google are on to something.


Google seem to have an angle on pretty much any modern tech, the competition between Microsoft, Apple and Facebook is set to become even more tense. It could be said that Google are fighting in every corner. I used to think of Microsoft as the dominant tech company and in some ways battles of old rage on with different companies arming the onslaught.  The powerhouse of tech these days is most definetly Google and one can only ponder about what may lay in waiting for the users or the companies themselves.


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The Crystal Ball

Posted by itresolve on February 25, 2013

Research Cloud Computing on the web and pretty soon you will find an abundance of diagrams and acronyms pertaining to an obscure network or set of protocols for computing or storage in a large or indeed immense server farm. A server farm is nothing more than a collection of computers dedicated to serve, distribute or store data within a network. When you enter a URL or click a link from a search result you are sending a request for data to be served to you. Servers also run programs which can range from miniscule applications to overtly intensive analytical processing of large amounts of data. It is a world where the Teraflop, Gigaflop or Blade Server exist, a Teraflop being a unit of computing speed equal to one million million floating-point operations per second. Cloud computing facilitates a company who produce much raw data the opportunity to process the data on someone else’s servers therefore removing the need to invest in a powerful server farm themselves. It may be that they are only in need of such processing power on occasion. Commerce compliments the harmony of supply and demand, processing power, distribution or storage has a premium.

It is hard to imagine the sheer amount of data that is flowing through the networks that circumnavigate our planet; streams of data consistently flow through the veins of the Internet at speeds a shade away from the speed of light. Large international corporations manifest its operations in such a way that a few decades ago were nothing more than pipe dreams. It is then, hard to imagine where we will be in a couple of decades, the only thing holding us back is the development of infrastructure, the speed of our own minds to embrace possibility and the programming ability that is needed to provide solutions or innovate. Historically applications and software development have been restricted by limits of processing power or hardware limitations. Multi-core and simultaneous multi-threading from processors today mean the boundaries of software development are less defined. New powerful devices bring new opportunities; it seems software is for the moment able to evolve free from hardware restrictions (within reason) thus accelerating the evolution of possibility. Streamed High Definition Movies, access to Second Life®, syncing the droid, uploading swathes of captured content all conspire to drive the Internet. More bandwidth or speed is the inevitable result.   Read on.

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Microsoft vs Google

Posted by itresolve on January 2, 2013

2013 has a very interesting battle already well in progress. I speak about Microsoft entering the Tab market and rolling out Windows 8. Those who choose to upgrade will be faced with the usual problems associated with such a move. Will software work on the new OS, migrating documents, photos, music all of which brings technical hurdles to jump. Google are advocating cloud computing, android, chrome OS, google +, social networking and sharing. These things have never seemed so appealing to me and as I run several businesses the need to migrate them to a platform where I can access my information from anywhere, remove the need to back up or spend money on technology. These issues are at the forefront of my thoughts. 


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Posted by itresolve on June 9, 2011

http://mrdoob.com/ HTML 5 Demonstrations

http://www.wordle.net/ Word Clouds! Its just a toy.

http://www.playauditorium.com/index Play Auditorium - A great game.

http://www.stumbleupon.com/ Stumble Upon is a great way of exploring the web

http://www.imdb.com/ The Internet Movie Database

http://www.yourdictionary.com/ An online dictionary etc

http://www.w3schools.com/ Online Web Tutorial

FTP Locking

Posted by itresolve on June 8, 2011

There has been a substantial increase in web sites on the Internet being hacked and malicious code inserted into them, ftp login details if obtained are the crown jewels that if leaked or stolen can lead to your website being compromised. itresolve have a FTP locking facility to prevent any unauthorised access. To unlock FTP, customers will simply log into their control panel and click one button to unlock FTP for a period of time. FTP will then automatically lock again after the time period has expired. If your development PC has a fixed ip address then you can stipulate it and the site will be permanently unlocked. The image below shows the area within the control panel to access this facility.

IE 9 vs Google Chrome

Posted by itresolve on June 8, 2011

Here at itresolve we use Google Chrome as our choice browser but things may be on the change. Building websites demands us to have the most popular browsers installed and running so Firefox should be included in this comparison as it is also a very good browser. It seems now that speed is king with security being also of paramount importance. We moved away from Internet Explorer due to security issues and speed several years ago, Chrome used to be considerably faster than anything Microsoft could produce, light on its feet and secure it is a remarkably good browser. Recently Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9.


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WEB 2.0

Posted by itresolve on June 7, 2011

What is Web 2.0, the answer is broadly debated. Some people say it is social networking, You Tube or the BBC iplayer. Here is a good video called 'The Machine is Us/ing Us'.


Common Web Fonts

Posted by itresolve on June 7, 2011

There are only a certain amount of Web Fonts suitable for websites, it does not follow that the fonts installed on your pc will be the same as on someone else's. They might have a different Operating System, or older version. It's best practice to stick to the most commmon fonts when designing a website and here is a good demo of them.


Ping & Speed Test

Posted by itresolve on June 7, 2011

To determine the quality of your boradband connection, using these tools you can verify that you are getting what you pay for with your ISP. Streaming Video and Audio, gameplay and video communications are all quite bandwidth thirsty, its worth checking your pc to ensure nothing is running using bandwidth before running these tests. Feel free to leave a comment with your results using the form below.


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